Refrigerated Baths & Circulators

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Refrigerated Baths & Circulators from Jeio Tech.
Refrigerated Baths and Circulators - MD0301 • Powerful circulation pump for external and internal circulating

• Baffle plate screens circulating pump, heater and sensor to minimise shaking bath fluids and protect sample and operators from direct contact

• Dry-running protection; automated heating element cut-off and audible and visual warning

• Seamless stainless steel tank with a reservoir drain that resists corrosion and make cleaning easy
Temperature Range: –25 to 150C
Temp Stability Overal Dimenstions
(W x D x H) (mm)
5 +/- 0.05C 302 x 438 x 690
10 +/- 0.05C 360 x 490 x 780
20 +/- 0.05C 380 x 560 x 825
30 +/- 0.08C 440 x 620 x 895


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