Calibration Services

Calibration and maintenance services are offered by our parent company European Instruments Ltd

Established in 1972, European Instruments has grown steadily to become a  leading independent company in the UK that specialises in the delivery of maintenance and calibration services for :
  • Balance calibration service, & maintenance
  • Pipette calibration service, & maintenance
  • UKAS Calibration of Weights
  • Ductless Safety Enclosures maintenance
The division is headed up by our Technical Director, who is assisted in the management of the department by our Calibration Manager and two regional Service Supervisors.  The field based team comprises of 10 multi-disciplined engineers who are based at strategic points around mainland UK. Located at our head office in Oxford, our in-house based team comprises of 4 engineers.  The in-house team provide a technical support role for our external engineers, repair service and deliver our internal calibration services for pipettes and weights.

Traceability & Certification Types

Through documented procedures and calibration certification European Instruments can demonstrate traceability all the way back to the relevant International Standards.  We offer  2 choices of calibration certification :

UKASUKAS Certification
European Instruments has been granted ISO17025 accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to issue UKAS calibration certificates for weighing equipment, mass and volume. Subject to its stringent requirements, UKAS certificates of calibration form part of the National Measurement System of the United Kingdom.
isoISO Certification
A standard level of certification which meets the requirements of those organisations who operate in accordance with ISO 9001.


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