UKAS Weight Calibration

In response to the growing demand for traceability in the laboratory, European Instruments (LabPro is a division of European Instruments) has achieved accreditation by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) and subject to its stringent requirements, are authorised to issue certificates of calibration for mass as part of the National Measurement System of the United Kingdom.This accreditation meets the requirements of ISO 17025, BS EN ISO 9000, and EN 45000 for calibration.

We are UKAS accredited for the calibration of mass

In our environmentally controlled mass metrology laboratory we can can calibrate the following classes of weights :

Class E2 weights: 1mg - 1kg
Class F1 weights: 1mg - 10kg
Class F2 weights: 1mg - 20kg
Class M1 weights and below: 1mg - 25kg

If you have weights outside of this range or a different classification contact us for details of the calibration service we offer.
weight calibration
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Purchase new weights

You can purchase new weights with UKAS certification Online At: Balance Warehouse - Weights