Hettich Centrifuges

Centrifuge Types:
Small | Hematocrit | Microlitre | Benchtop | Floorstanding

Endurance runners: Hettich equipment is highly valued because it lasts, is functionally well designed and sophisticated. Hettich centrifuges have stood the test of time for over 100 years. Today, Hettich is one of the leading manufacturers of laboratory centrifuges worldwide.

Small Centrifuges - EBA Range

Small centrifuges are lightweight, compact devices which can be transported easily and which require little space. They help save energy when processing low sample quantities and are the solution of choice for medical practices and surgeries. Although their capacity is limited, they can deliver high performance if required.
HT1101Max Rotation Angular 8 x 15ml, RPM : 6,000rpm, RCF: 3,461Hettich EBA centrifuge
HT1102Max Rotation Angular: 8 x 15ml, RPM : 8,000rpm, RCF: 6,153
HT1103 Max Rotation Angular:6 x 50 ml, Swing: 6 x 15 ml RPM:18,000rpm, RCF: 25,718

Hematocrit Centrifuge

Today, determining hematocrit values using centrifugation is still acknowledged as the Gold Standard. In fact, the main area of application for hematocrit centrifuges is the determination of volume fraction of erythrocytes in blood. For this purpose, blood in hematocrit capillaries is centrifuged until maximum packed  cell volume has been reached. Following centrifugation, the hematocrit value can be read using a special evaluation disc.

Preparing blood for photometric determination of bilirubin content in plasma and centrifuging special capillaries for quantitative Buffy Coat Analysis are further areas of application for this special-purpose centrifuge.
Hettich Hematocrit Centrifuge
HT1201Hematocrit rotor : 24 std capillaries RPM:13,000rpm, RCF:16,060

Microlitre Centrifuges - Mikro Range

Rapid results in microlitre tubes!
Thanks to their unique scope of performance, microlitre centrifuges are mainly used in molecular biology, microbiology and genetic research. In fact, anywhere where high speeds are necessary to separate small-volume mixtures. Angle rotors for reaction tubes of up to a max. of 2 ml are standard equipment for this centrifuges. They generate centrifugal acceleration rates of over 30,000 x g. Depending on the size of the rotors, between 12 and 48 reaction tubes per run can be centrifuged. For PCR tubes or PCR strips, suitable adapters and special rotors are available. Rotors whose lids are equipped with a bio-containment feature ensure maximum safety from dangerous aerosols.
HT1302  Max Rotation Angular:30 x 1.5 / 2 ml,  RPM:15,000rpm, RCF: 21,382

Hettich Mikro Centrifuge

HT1303As above, Refrigeration :  – 10C to +40C 
HT1304Max Rotation Angular:48 x 1.5 / 2 ml, Swing:24 x 1.5 / 2 ml 
RPM:18,000rpm, RCF:31,514
HT1305As above, Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 

Benchtop Centrifuges – Ranges : Rotofix, Universal, Rotina, Rotanta

Benchtop centrifuges are the universal geniuses among laboratory centrifuges. These robust, durable machines can accommodate close to any type or size of centrifugation tube, and can generate the required centrifugal force. They vary in capacity and performance levels and can address a wide range of requirements. Centrifuges with a maximum volume of 4 x 100 ml are considered basic equipment for most laboratories. If however, special scientific challenges need to be met, as in genetics, virology or bacteriology, larger models with more advanced controls are required.
HT1401 Max Rotation Angular:6 x 85 ml, Swing:4 x 100 ml / 32 x 15 ml 
RPM:6000rpm, RCF: 4,226

Hettich Rotina & Rotanta Centrifuge

HT1402Max Rotation Angular:6 x 85 ml , Swing:4 x 100 ml / 32 x 15 ml
RPM:15,000rpm, RCF: 21,382
HT1403 As above,  Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 
HT1404Max Rotation Angular:6 x 94 ml, Swing:4 x 290 ml,  RPM:15,000rpm, RCF:24,400
HT1405As above,  Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 
HT1406Max Rotation Angular:4 x 250 ml, Swing:4 x 600 ml, RPM:15,000rpm, RCF:24,400
HT1407As above,  Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 
HT1408Max Rotation Angular:6 x 250 ml, Swing:4 x 750 ml , RPM:15,000rpm, RCF:24,400
HT1409As above,  Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 

Floorstanding Centrifuges

Floorstanding centrifuges are large-volume devices that are used to process large quantities of samples and larger sample tubes in high-throughput environments. They are ideal for use in clinical laboratories, in blood banks and laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry for high-throughput screening. Floorstanding centrifuges from Hettich feature the advanced S control panel as standard.
HT1501Max Rotation Swing:4 x 250 ml, RPM:6200rpm, RCF: 6,446
PC control and rotor positioning and automated sample processing
Refrigeration : – 20C to +40C

Hettich Rotixa Centrifuge

HT1502Max Rotation Swing:4 x 1,000 ml , RPM:4,900rpm, RCF: 5,530
HT1503As above,  Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C 
HT1504Max Rotation Swing:6 x 2,000 ml, RPM:4,500rpm, RCF: 6,498
Refrigeration :  – 20C to +40C