Hettich HT1409

Efficient, results-oriented working processes are top priority in both research and routine laboratories. With advanced laboratory technology, the refrigerated HT1409 makes a significant contribution to shortening processing times. Enhanced performance and an extended range of accessories guarantee fast, trouble-free operation in daily laboratory use. With a maximum capacity of 3 litres per run, it is proving itself in clinics and laboratory centres, as well as in Life Science R&D departments. For sample processing in clinical chemistry, a wide selection of adapters is available to accommodate the most varied types of tubes. Biotechnology, molecular biology and the pharmaceutical industry value the HT1409 especially for its autoclavable and aerosol-tight accessories.
For purifying DNA / RNA, the versatile, refrigerated benchtop centrifuge features a filter plate rotor with a RCF of 6,446.
The S control panel offers 89 programmable memories and numerous additional options.
Rotanta 460R
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Max. capacity
in a swing-out rotor:
in an angle rotor:

4 x 750 ml
6 x 250 ml
Max. speed (RPM): 15.000 min-1
Max. RCF: 24.400
Dimensions (H x W x D): 453 x 770 x 707 mm
Weight: approx. 142 kg
Refrigeration: infinitely variable from – 20C to +40C
Swing-out rotor4 x 750 ml (90), max.
RCF 5,063
Angle rotor 30 x 1.5 / 2 ml, max.
RCF 24,400
Angle rotor6 x 250 ml, max.
RCF 14,025
Swing-out rotor12 microtitre plates (90), max. R
CF 6,446


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