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Cubic Vacuum Dessiccator

Features: Construction:
Cubic Vacuum Dessiccator • Reliable vacuum condition: Desiccators holds - 0.1 Mpa for 72 hours.

• 2-Way stopcock provides a consistent and uniformed release of vacuum during operation

• Stackable (five units high)

• 4 ports for attachment of other vacuum gauges or stopcocks
• Highly transparent PC (Polycarbonate) strong, great for clear viewing of samples, noncorrosive, easy to clean and maintain

• Airtight silicon gasket to maintain a tight vacuum seal without the use of any grease.
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Volume (L): 35
Shelves: 3
Ext. Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm): 418 x 398 x 381
Other Available Volumes (L): 11, 23 and 45


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