Electrochemistry Soloutions From Mettler Toledo

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Bench Top Soloutions

Portable Soloutions

Five Easy Range™ – Entry Level

FiveEasy™  this compact range of meters  is ideal for anyone working on a tight budget, who nevertheless requires rapid and reliable results.
five easy range
Model ML1401pH and mV/ORP
Model ML1402Conductivity salinity and TDS

Five Go Range – Entry Level

Portable meters with IP54 protection and data memory for a low-cost mobile introduction to the world of electrochemistry.
five go range
Model ML1101Entry-level meter for measuring pH and mV/ORP
Model ML1102Entry-level meter for measuring conductivity, salinity and TD

Seven Compact™ Range – Lab

Combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease-of-use. It can be universally employed and continues the tradition of the Seven series.              
Seven Compact Range
Model ML1503pH/Ion Meter
Model ML1504Conductivity

SevenGo™ and SevenGo Duo™       

Watertight (IP67) routine meters for one and dual-channel measurements with data memory
seven go range
Model ML1201pH and mV/ORP
Model ML1202Conductivity, salinity, TDS and resistivity
Model ML1203Dual Channel : pH, mV/redox, conductivity, salinity, TDS, resistance

Seven Multi™ Range – Professional

Professional performance with modular expansion possibilities at any time!
seven multi range
Model ML1601pH and mV/ORP
Model ML1602Conductivity, salinity, TDS and resistivity
Model ML1603Dual-channel , pH, mV/ORP, rel. mV, conductivity, salinity, TDS and resistivity
Model ML1604/05 Single-/dual-channel : ion concentrations, pH, mV/ORP and rel. mV

SevenGo pro™ and SevenGo Duo pro™

Professional portable watertight (IP67) one and dual-channel meters with data memory, infrared interface and extensive GLP support
seven go pro
Model ML1301Dissolved oxygen concentrations
Model ML1302Salinity, TDS and resistivity
Model ML1303pH, ion concentration, mV/ORP, rel. mV
Model ML1304Dual-channel : parallel determination of pH, ion concentrations, mV/redox or rel. mV and dissolved oxygen
Model ML1305Dual-channel : parallel determination of pH, ion concentrations, mV/redox or rel. mV and conductivity, salinity, TDS or specific resistance