SevenCompact™ conductivity

The instrument’s functionality has been designed to maximize the roductivity of your work. Stand alone, the instrument already offers many functionalities, but you can achieve higher efficiency and flexibility by connecting peripherals.
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The SevenCompact™ series combines precise electrochemical measurement technologies with flexibility, innovative design and ease-of-use. It can be universally employed and continues the tradition of the Seven series from Mettler Toledo.

This is the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. Not only does it measure conductivity but also various other parameters, like salinity, total dissolved solids, resistivity and conductivity ash. Starting a measurement or calibration has never been easier, requiring only a single keypress.

Features and Benefits

All Parameters or the Essentials – Decide by a Single KeypressThe instrument gives you the choice in the normal screen layout, all available information is visible. By switching to the uFocus™ view you will not be distracted by information of less importance.
Perfect Ergonomics and High Productivity with uPlace™uPlace™: the electrode arm can be operated with one hand; moving straight up and down. This allows for faster measurements and reduces the risk of the sample vessel tipping over and/or damage to the sensor!
Total Flexibility with Data Processing Upon endpointing SevenCompact™ allows multiple archiving options: the data can be stored, printed or transferred to LabX Direct. Any combination of these three options is possible giving you total flexibility.
Security without worrying about securityThe instrument’s versatility is also reflected in its security package. Users requiring little or no GLP support can easily use the instrument settings. Still they benefit from the functionalities that minimize mistakes, such as calibration support and Intelligent Sensor Management(ISM). On the other hand, those that need full GLP support will have peace of mind when employing the full spectrum of security functionalities.
Specifications - ML1504 SevenCompact™ conductivity
Short description Instrument for routine measurements of conductivity. 
Conductivity* range 0.001 μS/cm to 1000 mS/cm
Conductivity* accuracy 0.5% 
Conductivity* resolution0.001 to 1
Temperature MTC C  -30.0 to 130.0
Temperature ATC C -5.0 to 130.0
TDS range 0.00mg/L to 1000g/L
Salinity range 0.00 to 80.00psu
Resistivity range 0.00 to 100.0 MOhm*cm
Conductivity ash0.000 to 2022%
User-definable calibration
Display TFT
Power supply DC9-12V/10W
* Instrument can also measure rel. mV


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