SevenMulti™ ion/pH meters 

SevenMulti™ single channel (ML1604) and SevenMulti™ dual channel (ML1605) pH/ion meter - professional performance with modular expansion possibilities at any time!
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Reproducible results
Automatic, manual or timed endpoint formats with 3 selectable stability criteria allow rapid and accurate measurement value determinations with reproducible results.

Professional calibration
•  Up to 9 calibration points with linear or segmented algorithms
•  Selectable measurement units: mmol/L, mol/L, ppm, mg/L or %

Incremental methods
• Known Addition
• Known Subtraction
• Sample Addition
• Sample Substraction

Features and Benefits

User-friendly operation

The back-lit display shows you all the important information at a glance, even in two-channel operation. Context-sensitive help assists you with every step.

Automation increases efficiency

Efficiency is significantly increased using peripherals such as bar-code readers - not only for high throughput applications.

Security has priority

PIN-protectedThe operation of the instrument and general system settings such as date and time can be protected through the use of a personal code.
GLP excellenceSevenMulti™ lets you enter up to 12-place sample, user and sensor IDs - you can even use a bar-code reader. Furthermore it features an excellent data management with 1000 GLP measuring points and 400 GLP calibration points.
Calibration reminderThis useful function reminds you that a calibration is due after a user-defined period. The instrument can be set to block its use once this period has been exceeded - until the next valid calibration has been performed!
Specifications - ML1604 / ML1605 SevenMulti™ ion/pH meters
Short description Professional single-/dual-channel device for
measuring ion concentrations,
pH, mV/ORP and rel. mV 
Concentration range 1.00E-9 to 9.99E+9 
Conc. accuracy +/- 0.5% 
pH-range -2.000 to 19.999 
pH-resolution variable: 0.001 / 0.01 / 0.1 
pH-relative accuracy 0.002 
mV-range -1999 to 1999 
mV-resolution 0.1 
mV-relative accuracy 0.1 
Temperature range C -30.0 to 130.0 
Temperature resolution C 0.1 
Temperature accuracy C 0.1 
Display Custom LCD 


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