SevenGo™ pH

SevenGo™ – Basic meters for routine pH measurement with outstanding performance: The large display with the easy-to-understand symbols provides the user with a clear overview and useful features otherwise available only with stationary laboratory instruments.
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pH meter (IP67) for routine use

  • Clear display of measured values and settings
  • Continuous indication of electrode and battery status
  • Automatic endpoint and buffer recognition as well as temperature compensation
  • Data memory for 30 GLP data points
  • 3-point calibration with predefined or user-defined buffers
Built-in data memory and the automatic functions for buffer recognition, temperature compensation, and display of electrode condition are basic features that make METTLER TOLEDO instruments different. SevenGo™ pH meter offers you the choice of four worldwide available buffer groups.
Specifications - ML1201 SevenGo™ pH
Short description Routine meter for pH and
mV/ORP measurements 
pH-range 0.00 ... 14.00 
pH-resolution 0.01 
pH-relative accuracy 0.01 
mV-range -1999 ... 1999 
mV-relative accuracy
Temperature range C -5.0 ... 105 
Temperature resolution C 0.1 
Temperature accuracy C 0.5 
Display Custom LCD 
Power supply 4 AA batteries 1.5 V or
NiMH accumulators 1.3 V 
Operating environment 0...40 C; 5...85 % rel.
humidity (non-cond) 


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