SevenGo Duo™ pH/Conductivity

SevenGo Duo™ combines user-friendliness, quality and reliable measurements. The meter is designed so that a single keystroke triggers a calibration or measurement or allows accessing stored results or system settings. The kit versions are also well suited for outdoor use or use in the production area because both the meter and the sensors are watertight (IP67).

The revolutionary intelligent sensor management system (ISM) offers the user an even greater level of security. The calibration data is stored on the chip in the sensor and is used automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter. This ensures that the meter always uses the latest calibration data.
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Routine pH/Conductivity Meter (IP67)

  • Portable dual-channel meter for the determination of pH, mV, conductivity, TDS (total dissolved solids), salinity and specific resistance
  • 3-point pH calibration with selection from 4 predefined and one user-defined buffer groups
  • Data memory for 99 GLP data records 
  • Intelligent sensor management (ISM)
  • Outstanding operation due to high-contrast display with large figures
  • Reproducible results due to automatic end point detection, automatic buffer detection and temperature compensation
  • Rugged watertight housing (IP67)
Specifications - ML1203 SevenGo Duo™ pH/Conductivity
Short description Routine dual-channel meter for pH, mV/redox,
conductivity, salinity, TDS and
resistance measurements 
pH-range 0.00 ... 14.00 
pH-resolution 0.01 
pH-relative accuracy 0.01 
mV-range -1999 ... 1999 
mV-relative accuracy
Temperature range C pH/mV: -5.0 ... 105/LF: -5.0 ... 105.0 
Temperature resolution C pH/mV: 0.1/LF: 0.1 
Temperature accuracy C pH/mV: 0.5/LF: 0.2 
Conductivity range 0.10 S/cm ... 500 mS/cm 
Cond. resolution 0.01 ... 1 
Cond. accuracy 0.5% maximum value in subrange 
TDS range 0.1 mg/L ... 300 g/L 
TDS resolution 0.01 ... 1 
TDS accuracy 0.5% maximum value in subrange 
Salinity range 0.00 ... 80.00 ppt 
Resistivity range 0.00 ... 100.00 MOhm*cm 
Calibration Max. 3 points, 4 predefined buffer groups 
Free disk space 99 data records 
Display LCD 
Power supply 4 AA batteries 1.5 V or NiMH accumulator 1.3 V 
Operating environment 0 ... 40C; 5 ... 85% relative humidity
(no cond.) 


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