SevenGo pro™ dissolved oxygen 

Advanced DO meter for particularly demanding tasks coupled with exceptional ease of use. SevenGo pro™ dissolved oxygen meter is truly indispensable for every analytical specialist, and in regulated working environments in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food production industries.
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Professional oxygen instrument (IP67)

  • Manual or automatic air pressure compensation with built-in barometer
  • High-performance O2 sensor
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
  • Data memory for 200 GLP data points
  • Backlit display (applies to all SevenGo pro™ models)
The SevenGo pro™ DO meter features a lot of additional operating functions, a large data memory for detailed GLP protocols, an infrared interface for data transfer to a printer or PC, bright backlighting, as well as a multitude of additional parameter-specific functions.
Specifications - ML1301 SevenGo pro™ dissolved oxygen
Short description Professional meter for determining
dissolved oxygen concentrations 
DO range 0.0 ... 600%, 0.00 ... 99.00mg/L 
DO resolution 0.1 ... 1%, 0.01mg/L 
DO accuracy 0.5% 
Temperature range C 0.0 ... 60.0 
Temperature resolution C 0.1 
Temperature accuracy C 0.1 
Barometric pressure 500 ... 1100 mbar 
Connection to computer IR interface to printer or PC
(via RS232 or USB) 
Display Custom LCD 
Power supply 4 AA batteries 1.5 V or
NiMH accumulators 1.3 V 
Operating environment 0...40 C; 5...85 % rel. humidity


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