SevenGo Duo pro™ pH/Ion/Dissolved Oxygen

SevenGo Duo pro™ combines maximum measurement accuracy and an excellent range of functions with user-friendly operation and exceptional safety. SevenGo Duo pro™ meters are essential for special analyses, particularly in regulated sectors in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and food, environmental/water quality testing & beverage industry. The kit versions are also well suited for outdoor use because both the meter and the sensors are watertight (IP67).

The revolutionary intelligent sensor management system (ISM) offers the user an even greater level of security. The calibration data is stored on the chip in the sensor and is used automatically when the sensor is connected to the meter. This ensures that the meter always uses the latest calibration data.
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pH/Ion/Oxygen Meter (IP67) for the Strictest Demands

  • Portable dual-channel meter for the parallel determination of pH, mV, rel. mV or ion concentrations and dissolved oxygen (DO)
  • Either linear or segmented 5-point pH calibration with selection from 7 predefined and one user-defined buffer groups
  • Manual or automatic atmospheric pressure compensation using built-in barometer
  • Modern data management for 500 GLP data records with date/time, sensor ID and serial number, user and sample ID
  • Contactless infrared interface for data transmission to a printer or PC
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation using menu guidance in 10 languages and backlit display
  • Rugged watertight housing (IP67)
  • Revolutionary intelligent sensor management (ISM)
Specifications - ML1304 SevenGo Duo pro™ pH/Ion/Dissolved Oxygen
Short description Professional two-channel meter for the parallel
determination of pH, ion concentrations, mV/redox
or rel. mV and dissolved oxygen 
pH-range -2.000 ... 19.999 
pH-resolution 0.1/0.01/0.001 
pH-relative accuracy 0.01 
mV-range -1999 9 ... 1999.9 
mV-resolution 0.1 
mV-relative accuracy 0.1 
Temperature range C pH ATC: -5.0 ... 105.0; MTC: -30 ...
130/DO: 0.0 ... 60.0 
Temperature resolution C pH: 0.1/DO: 0.1 
Temperature accuracy C pH: 0.2/DO: 0.1 
Calibration pH: Max. 5 points, 7 predefined buffer groups;
DO: 1 or 2 points 
DO range 0.0 ... 600%, 0.00 ... 99.00 mg/L 
DO resolution 0.1 ... 1%, 0.01 mg/L 
DO accuracy 0.5% 
Free disk space 500 data records 
Display Dot matrix LCD 
Power supply 4 AA batteries 1.5 V or NiMH accumulator 1.3 V 
Operating environment 0 ... 40C; 5 ... 85% relative humidity (no cond.)
Ions (mg/l, mmd/l, mol/l) 0.000 to 999.9%
0.000 to 9999ppm
1.0E-9 to 9.99E9


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