A&D SV-10 Series

sv 10
Newly developed Tuning-fork Vibration Method* promises you high accuracy and wide measurement range without replacing sensor plates!! *Patent pending. Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV-10/SV-100 measures viscosity by detecting the driving electric current necessary to resonate the two sensor plates at constant frequency of 30Hz and amplitude of less than 1mm.
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  • High Measurement Accuracy
  • Tuning-fork Vibration Method turns into reality for excellent repeatability of 1% of reading for viscosity measurement by Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV-10 / SV-100.

  • Selectable Wide Measurement Range Sample
  • with Low viscosity to high viscosity can be measured without changing the sensor plates, so a wide range of measurements can be made continuously. SV-10: 0.3 – 10,000 mPa新 ( cP)   SV-100: 1000– 100,000 mPa新 ( cP)

  • Real-Time Measurement
  • The sensor plate for the SV series is of a thin and small size, in area and in mass, making it is less influenced by the temperature change of the sample fluid and as a result the viscosity measurement tracks the change of viscosity of sample fluid.

  • Temperature Measurement
  • It is very important to measure the temperature of the fluid correctly because the viscosity is very much dependent upon the temperature of the fluid. SV series can detect accurate temperature immediately because the fluid and the detection unit (sensor plates) with small surface area/thermal capacity reach the thermal equilibrium in only a few seconds.

  • Continuous measurement
  • SV series, Tuning-fork Vibration Method does not cause damage to the sample fluid and allows measurement of cloud point of samples such as surface active agents and of surface/interface changes such as wettability because of its excellent feature for wide measurement range without the need to replace the sensor plates.

  • Viscosity Calibration
  • With Viscosity Standard, viscosity calibration can be easily done. 1 point calibration or 2 points calibration is selectable in the calibration mode.

  • Non-Newtonian Sample Viscosity Measurement
  • Thin sensor plates allow little deformation of sample texture and thus enable measurement of stable viscosity values.

  • Foaming Sample Measurement
  • Low drive frequency of 30Hz allows measurement of foaming samples without breaking minute foams and with less influence scattering larger foams.

  • Flowing Sample Measurement
  • Even the viscosity of flowing samples can be measured, including liquid in turbulent flow, which enables field management with identical data used at the laboratories.

  • Separated type model
  • SV series is composed of the Display Unit and Main Unit offering excellent placement flexibility.

  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • You can avoid unnecessary reading errors with easy-to-read, large, clear display: 13mm height for viscosity measurement and 11mm height for temperature measurement.

  • Small Sample Size
  • Standard sample cup requires the sample fluid of just more than 35 ml so you do not need to waste too much sample fluid.

  • Easy Cleaning
  • Due to the simple structure, the SUS 304 Stainless steel sensor plates and temperature sensor (all gold plated) and SUS 304 stainless steel protector can be easily and quickly cleaned.

  • Sol and Gel Measurement
  • Sol and Gel sample fluid like a starch can be measured during the change of material characteristic.

  • Standard RS-232C Interface
  • The RS-232C comes standard for your PC or Printer connectivity and the connection cable (25 pin - 9 pin) is also standard accessory for your convenience

  • Data Collection And Graphing Software
  • WinCT-Viscosity(RsVisco) is software to import the measured data of viscosity and temperature to a PC and display graphically the changes in real-time for your analysis.
A&D SV-10
Measurement Method Tuning Fork Vibration Method
Vibration Frequency 30Hz
Viscosity Measurement Unit SV-10: mPa新 , Pa 新 , cP , P SV-100: Pa新 , P
Viscosity Measurement Range SV-10: 0.3 – 10,000mPa新 SV-100: 1,000 – 100,000mPa新
Accuracy (Repeatability) 1% of Reading (Full Range) (S.D. , 20 - 30蚓, No-condensation )
Operating Temperature 10 - 40蚓 ( 50 - 104 F?
Minimum Sample Amount Standard Sample Cup 35 ml, Optinal Small Sample Cup 10ml,

Optinal Glass Sample Cup 13ml
Temperature Measurement 0 - 160蚓 / 0.1 蚓( 32 - 212 F / 0.1 F?
Display Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD)
Interface RS-232C
Power Supply AC Adaptor
Power Consumption Approx. 14VA
Physical Dimensions Main Unit: 332 (W) x 314 (D) x 536 (H) mm / Approx. 5.0 kg

Display Unit: 238 (W) x 132 (D) x 170 (H) mm / Approx. 1.3 kg
Connection Cable Length 1.5m ( Between the Main Unit and the Display Unit )
Standard Accessories Manual, AC Adaptor, CD-ROM (WinCT-Viscosity), Sample Cups,
RS-232C Cable (25 pins - 9 pins)


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